You’ll Never Get it all Done!

How many times do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with to-do lists; lists from work, lists from home, lists from the kids, lists for birthdays, lists for holidays, lists for groceries, bills to pay? On and on the lists go potentially never ending until one day you just lose it! You lose it with your spouse, you lose it with your boss and worse, you lose it with your kids. If you’re like me you can sometimes feel like you’re drowning in lists. You kill yourself with guilt because you think you’re not being responsible for not mastering your lists. No sooner do you make headway on a few things and more show up! It’s enough to make you crazy.

The simple solution is to accept the fact that you will never get it all done. Be fully engaged in the moment rather than your lists. When you do, you’ll find yourself getting things done almost effortlessly, energized as you move from task to task. At the end of your day as you reflect on your accomplishments you will amaze yourself as you realize what you have done. No longer plagued by guilt or frustrating thoughts that pull you down, you are energized and ready for the dawn of the new day ahead. When you’re at peace in your present moment, no longer consumed by your lists you realize that where you are and what you have in each of your present moments is all that is needed to carry you onto the next in the here and now!

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