Seven Steps to Bringing Order to Chaos

Our brains are bombarded with some 2 million bits of information every second of every day. We would literally be driven insane if we processed that volume of information as fast as it came in. The brain’s job is to filter that enormous amount of information down to a level where order is brought to a world of chaos, where that 2 million bits per second is actually processed at around 150 bits per second.

The world that each of us experience is based upon our own unique perceptions of what we see, hear, taste, touch and smell. Perception is the key component for each of the five senses and how they paint our world is largely an illusion. What I mean by illusion is that the world outside is a construct base on the thoughts we choose.

If you typically wake up and begin your mornings with thoughts of “I hate going to work.” or “I hate my job.”, these will be the exact experiences you will have throughout your day. In contrast if you start your day with thoughts of “I love myself and I’m happy to be alive.” along with “I’m thankful for this new day and ready to live life to the fullest.”, you set in motion the positive energy to experience a truly wonderful day. The predecessor to every action is a thought. When you understand that your life unfolds exactly how you will it to be you start to become really careful on what you think about. As Wayne Dyer states, “You can never get enough of what you don’t want.”

You might be thinking… “Julian – you make it sound so easy, but how the heck to you think positive thoughts when my world is falling apart?” That’s a great question! We all have our own stories where we’ve experienced tragedy. Either the passing of someone dear to us, a breakup of a marriage, a terrible car accident, lay off or financial crisis, no one is immune to life changing events such as these. The way to move through these experiences when they do show up is to take responsibility and accountability for everything that shows up in your life. That means you stop blaming others. You accept that you are the producer, director and starring actor in the stage production known as “My Life”. You can’t change a lifetime of conditioned thinking overnight. What you can do however, is begin with one thought at a time. Start viewing life as a gift rather than a struggle. Refuse to blame others for your shortcomings. Begin with the end in mind. I’ve include the following seven steps that if applied you will bring order to the chaos in your life.

Seven Steps to Bringing Order to Chaos:

  1. Realign your thoughts. Begin moving away from thoughts that no longer serve you. Rather than thinking “I can’t afford that.”, “It’ll never work out.”, “I’ll be passed over again for that promotion.”; replace those limiting statements with things like “My life is abundant and more is one the way.”, “I trust the all well and the Universe is working out the details.”, “I love my job and invite new experiences into my career.” and “There’s nothing I can’t do and I intend to make this day the best day ever!”
  2. Make room for silence in your life. Awaken before the rest of the family; before the busyness of the day sets in when the entire house is silent. This is when your creative mind can more easily access Spirit. Herman Melville wrote “Silence is the only voice of our God.” When you remove the chatter of the daily routine and quiet the mind you connect to that from which you came from, the Universal intelligence – Source energy – God.
  3. Learn to appreciate nature. Get out of town, away from the concrete, asphalt and massive parking lots. Go to the ocean, the forest, a lake or a simple park trail and observe enormity of an oak tree. Contemplate that same creative force that turns an acorn into that giant oak tree is the same creative force that is the beauty and delicateness of a flower as well as you and me.
  4. Remove doubt and fear. Doubt and fear are instruments of the ego and their only purpose is to keep us in an illusionary bondage. By replacing thoughts of how horrible things are with thoughts of courage and faith, you will be cultivating the fertile ground of your mind allowing more possibility for continued love, joy, success and peace to show up. It’s been said before, “Fear knocked at the door, Faith answered and no one was there.”
  5. Create and attitude of gratitude. You’ll never achieve the fullness of your heart’s desires without being thankful for everything you have in this present moment. Be thankful for the air you breathe, the colors you see, the beating of your heart. Frequently tell the people closest in your life that you love them. What you give away will return to you. Love is forgiving, love is for giving.
  6. Love yourself so you can love others. Replace the negative self-talk with words and phrases of kindness and love. See yourself in the mirror and say aloud “I love you.” If you don’t love yourself, it’s impossible to love others. You can only give away what you have.
  7. Allow yourself to simply be. Give yourself the credit you so deserve. You showed up here with some heroic mission. Be on purpose with your life. Start living the success you intend to become. Begin with the end in mind. Remember the predecessor to every action is a thought. Get comfortable with the idea that you can direct your life in any direction you want to go. You are not some powerless being floating adrift aimlessly on the sea of life. You are a wonderful, powerful co-creator of your life. Allow the genius that you are to manifest. Be amazed with the wonderful you that you are.
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4 Responses to Seven Steps to Bringing Order to Chaos

  1. Donna Vail says:

    Dear Julian, Thank you for this wonderful and timely post. We could all benefit from printing your article and studying it daily for a month to make it habit which will make us, creating orderly and purposeful living.
    Thank you for helping us live these steps and for being there when I need a reminder.
    Love you!
    Your best friend and wife,
    Donna 😉

  2. Julian Vail says:

    Hi Donna. Thanks for the great feedback and I’m so glad you enjoyed this post. I have to credit you for the love and support you give me. Partnering with you in life is one of the most precious gifts I have received in this life. Love you dearly.

  3. The interesting question that this brings up is, “why don’t we see objectively?” The straight forward answer is that we are simply bombarded by too much information that is coming in through our senses to be able to process all of it. This is according to the book “Flow” written by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Csikszentmihalyi says that we are surrounded by approximately 2 million bits of information per second at any given time. That’s a lot of bits of information!!! And our nervous systems can only process about 134 bits per second of that 2 million.

  4. For efficiency purposes, throughout our life, our brain has been developed to filter out information deemed unnecessary and instead focus on a handful of critical details at any given time. The brain of a safety professional has been trained in a manner that facilitates the necessary recognition of risk. It is possible for others to benefit from this training as well.

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